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McRaven House: Vicksburg, Mississippi

The McRaven House is a gorgeous old home built back in 1797. Over its many years, it has been home to avarietyy of people both living and deceased, though only the dead reside there today. The original owner of the home was named Alexander Glass, who was known as a highwayman, chose the location to better position himself to rob unsuspecting travelers on a nearby through way. One night, while attempting a robbery, Glass was shot and grievously wounded. He ran from the scene, back to the McRaven House, where he hid from his pursuers, though they were following closely behind. He would ultimately end up losing his life that night, though many say his ghost is still hanging around.

In the 1830s, a sheriff and his wife purchased the home as they started their new life together. The couple were expecting their first child when the home was purchased and found the home to be perfect for their expanding family. Unfortunately, the sheriff’s young wife passed away during childbirth while in the home not too long after they moved in.

When the Civil War came about, the McRaven House would end up being converted into a field hospital during the battle of Vicksburg in the summer of 1863. Vicksburg was one of the more horrible battles in the Western Theater, with a high casualty count of 37,532 men killed, missing, wounded, or surrendered. The Confederates took the brunt of the heavy losses, with over 30,000 for their side alone.

The owner at the time of the battle was named John H. Bobb. He stayed in the home during the battle and watched as it was turned into a Confederate field hospital, with many wounded soldiers arriving for care. Some of them never making it out alive. It was a dreadful time for soldiers and civilians alike. Mr. Bobb would find this out just one year later, with the Civil War still raging, when he was confronted by an angry Union soldier just outside of his home. The soldier ultimately ended up killing John H. Bobb that day in 1864.

Today, the old McRaven House is full of ghosts from the home’s long past. Besides Glass’s apparition, the spirits of a few Civil War era soldiers are often seen. A young woman has also been seen, as has the spirit of a man thought to be John Bobb. There are also reports of a strong floral scent in the room where the doctor’s wife passed away. Some who smell it feel overwhelmed by the scent, while others do not smell it at all. The other paranormal activity experienced in the house includes disembodied voices and footsteps, objects moving on their own, and doors opening and shutting at random.

You can book a tour and even a paranormal investigation at the McRaven House by following this link here.

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