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Green Mount Cemetery: Montpelier, Vermont

Green Mount Cemetery is a lovely old cemetery that saw its first burial in 1854. The rolling hills and extravagant monuments make this cemetery one of the most picturesque I have ever seen. While it appears to be a normal graveyard, there is said to be a darkness that lingers over the area.

One grave in particular, the grave of John Hubbard, is adorned with an enormous bronze statue of a being in severe distress. The statue, created in 1899, is nicknamed “Black Agnes” and it comes complete with a curse. The legend goes that anyone who sits on “Black Agnes’” lap will be cursed with bad luck. According to the legend, the bad luck ranges in severity from something small and irritating to death within seven days. Kind of like a game of Russian Roulette with curses.

Now, is the curse real? Hopefully not, but just in case, if you ever visit Green Mount Cemetery, try to avoid sitting on Black Agnes' lap. Just to be safe.

Besides the curse-baring statue, there is also quite a bit of ghostly activity in Green Mount Cemetery according to those who have been brave enough to visit. Of course, you have your standard reports that seem to come with every haunted cemetery such as mists, shadow figures, orbs, etc. It wouldn't be considered haunted without these, but there are also a few paranormal experiences that are not your typical haunting.

One such experience revolves around the apparitions of children who are seen playing near their graves in a melancholy display that can tug at the heartstrings. The ghostly children dance and play every night, most often appearing between the hours of 10 PM and 4 AM.

There is also a shadow figure that roams the cemetery often at night. It is unknown who he or she is or why they are there. While most shadow figures are not a cause for concern in my experience, according to those who have encountered this particular being, sinister vibes accompany this spirit. Many have said that this particular entity gives off a less-than-welcoming feeling when encountering the living. Some have stated feeling extremely depressed all of a sudden, though as soon as the shadow figure is gone, so too is that awful feeling.

As with any haunted location, if you plan to visit, be sure you have permission to enter, especially if it is after hours.

Photo by:Ray Tan

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