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Nevada State Prison: Carson City, NV

The Nevada State Prison was one of the longest operational prisons in the United States as it was opened from 1862 to 2012. With a prisoner capacity of over 800 and 150 years of operation, this prison has seen a few things, including some of the worst criminals in Nevada history; some of who were executed at the facility.

The executions at Nevada State Prison ranged from hangings to firing squad, to the gas chamber, electric chair, and finally lethal injection. At least 60 prisoners have been executed within the prison walls. Quite a few others died from disease, murder, and prison riots. The actual number of deaths at the Nevada State Prison is unknown, but the number is said to be very high.

The hauntings inside the old penitentiary are prevalent. There have been reports of full-bodied apparitions, disembodied footsteps, voices, screams, and shouts. There have also been reports of many “shadow people” throughout the enormous building. People have reported being touched and even pushed at various locations inside the prison, many of the more forceful touches occurring near the execution area.

The old prison is now open to tours, paranormal teams, and photographers. It has been featured on many of the popular paranormal shows on television and is a fan favorite among the paranormal community.

Photo by: albund


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