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Mount Carmel Cemetery: Hillside, Illinois

Mount Carmel Cemetery in Hillside, Illinois is one of the larger cemeteries in the Chicago area with well over 200,000 graves. It is also a cemetery that is the final resting place of some of the most famous mobsters in American history namely Al Capone, Machine Gun Jack Mcgurn (St. Valentine's Day Massacre organizer), and Sam Giancana. While the cemetery, dating back to 1901, has many fascinating stories surrounding it, some of the most interesting revolves around the paranormal.

Julia Buccola was a young bride who died during childbirth in 1921. She was buried in Mount Camel Cemetery along with her baby (who also perished during birth) shortly after. Soon after her death, her mother began having vision-like nightmares of her daughter being buried alive. She immediately began demanding that her daughter be exhumed, but it would be six years before her demand was approved. Those who did the exhumation were shocked to find that Julia's body had not decomposed. At all. Oddly enough, her poor baby's body had. Her family then had her reburied in a different plot with a photo attached to the headstone showing the unblemished woman lying in her casket, six years after her death. That photo remains on the headstone to this day.

To make things more bizarre, there have been many reports of a woman with dark hair and a long white gown roaming the cemetery. She sometimes fades away quickly, while at other times she is seen floating in the air. She has been seen since the 1920s, with accounts as recent as last year. Many suspect that this is Julia Buccola who is the haunting woman in white.


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