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Moody's Light: Haunted Indiana

Moody's Light Haunted Indiana

Long ago, in between the towns of Rensselaer and Francisville, Indiana, there was a man with the last name of Moody who owned a piece of land that he farmed. This area of Indiana is rather secluded, with farming being the main source of income. Homes can be fairly spread out here with the closest neighbors being miles away.

One evening, Mr. Moody had a meeting he was to attend in town, so he loaded up and headed out after saying goodbye to his wife and children. It wasn't until well after dark when Moody arrived back home. When he did, it is said that he encountered a horrific scene straight out of nightmares. According to reports, upon his arrival back at his home he found his wife and daughters brutally murdered.

Immediately, Moody rushed around looking for signs of the murderer, but no one was around. Shortly thereafter the police were called. From the time of their arrival until well into the next day, the police and locals to the community searched far and wide for any sign of the one responsible for the murders of Mrs. Moody and her daughters.

The search progressed for a while. Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months, but the case soon became cold. Every night, however, Moody made sure to go out with only a lantern as a light source, searching for signs of the killer who took everything away from him and his family.

Even though the search was extensive, in the end, the crime would never be solved, the culprit was never found.

Eventually, the pain and depression of his loss became too much for Moody. One quiet afternoon, months after the murders of his family, Moody was found hanging in a tree on his property by a concerned neighbor.

The Haunting

It was not long after Moody's death that reports of a mysterious light shown in the darkness. Some described the light as a large orb floating in the air without any source. Others have claimed to see an apparition of a man wandering aimlessly on the land. Some believe it is Moody while others think it is the killer himself. The majority of those who have witnessed the ghostly activity believe that the light is Moody's lantern lighting the way as he eternally searches the night for the killer of his family.

A few years back, a local ghost-hunting group had claimed to debunk the story of Moody’s light, but others are not convinced stating that they have seen the ghostly phenomena with their own eyes. Whether it is fact or fiction,  it is an eerie ghost story nonetheless.

Photo by: makkis


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