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Thomas Jefferson's Monticello: Virginia

Right outside of Charlottesville, Virginia sits the former home of Thomas Jefferson, one of the United States founding father's, former president, and writer of the Deceleration of Independence. Monticello is a plantation home that was built for Jefferson around 1770. Jefferson was always adding on to the 5,000 acre plantation, so construction was fairly continuous. Besides the main house, there was several outbuildings including slave quarters being that slaves were sadly kept at Monticello to work the tobacco farm. Jefferson died in 1826 and is now buried on the grounds of his beloved Monticello.

Today, Monticello is preserved as a museum for guests to tour and learn about the life of Jefferson and his plantation. Over the years, some of these visitors have reported ghostly activity in the home and around the grounds. Several have reported seeing the apparition of Jefferson himself, while others have seen the apparition of a female dressed in period clothing wandering the home. Disembodied whistling has also been heard throughout the grounds, though no source has ever been found. Footsteps have also been heard when there is no apparent cause.

Monticello would be a fun place to visit for any history buff. Who knows, maybe you'll catch sight of one of our founding father's while your there.


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