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Haunted Safe Haven Sanatorium, Dunseith, North Dakota

    The Safe Haven Sanatorium was built in 1912 with the rise in cases of tuberculosis. Starting out with only 12 patients, the sanatorium and the staff within its wall would soon find themselves overwhelmed as the census rose rapidly, with more than 120 patients within a few months of the sanatorium opening.

Tuberculosis was, and still is, a horrible illness to fight off, but back in the times of Safe Haven, it was next to impossible. Sadly, there were a lot of deaths back at the height of the TB outbreak. The Safe Haven Sanatorium alone saw more than 1,000 die within its walls.

In 1957, the need for a TB hospital was no longer necessary and so the sanatorium was transformed into the Safe Haven State Hospital for the Feeble-Minded. Essentially a psychatric hospital. The care in facilities of facilities can vary. Before regulations were implemented, some would witness intense neglect which can leave scars on a location long outlasting the life of the facility. The institution would remain open until the late 1980s when it would close for good.

After its closure, the old sanatorium sat for some time. Tales of ghosts habiting the place were not uncommon, leading ghost hunters and urban explorers ready to investigate. It started with local explorers but quickly drew the attention of investigators from all over the United States including the Ghost Adventurers team.

The overall vibe of the place is dark according to those who have been. Once you go in, that vibe intensifies tenfold. It is said to be quite haunted so reports of ghosts being seen all over the building are very common. There are men, women, and children, all of whom appear at different times. Doors creak open and slam closed on their own. Disembodied shadows have been seen moving slowly but deliberately around the halls. Loud stomps can be heard on the upper floors. Spine-tingling giggles can be heard echoing throughout the building in a scene straight out of any horror movie. The building may be abandoned by the living, but the dead are still hanging around.

If you do want to check out the Safe Haven Sanatorium, be sure to first get permission, and use extreme caution! A teenager, back in 2001, was exploring the old run-down building when they tragically, and fatally, fell down an old elevator shaft. Old buildings such as this are not safe for urban exploring, especially in the nighttime. Having a guide with you can be the difference in life and death.

Photo by: SanchaiRat

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