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The Ryman Auditorium: Tennessee

Built in 1891, in Nashville, Tennessee, the Ryman Auditorium is a place of music legend. Most famously known as being the home (for a time) of the Grand Ole Opry, meaning many famous acts throughout music (predominantly Country) history have preformed on stage here.

Country musicians are not the only famous people to take the stage at the Ryman. From US Presidents such as Theodore Roosevelt, to magicians like Harry Houdini, to a lecture from the famed Helen Keller and her mentor Ann Sullivan, many famous faces have passed through its doors.

In addition to being a place of performance, it is also the site of several prominent musicians memorial services upon their death. Tammy Wynette and Johnny Cash are just a couple of the musicians to be eulogized within the auditorium.

Today, the Ryman still stands despite a horrible flood that struck Nashville in 2010, almost destroying the auditorium once and for all. After a costly and lengthy renovation, the Ryman is back to open once again.

The Hauntings:

A lot of people visit the Ryman for the music and history, but many others like to visit for its ghosts. Being almost 130 years old, you know there has to be some ghosts. One of the ghosts said to haunt the auditorium is none other than the ghost of the original owner, Thomas Ryman.

Another ghost seen in the Ryman is thought to be Patsy Cline, the famous country singer known for the song "Crazy," among other great hits. The ghostly lady is seen wandering the auditorium, though her face is never seen that I know of. The reason many believe that it is Patsy Cline is because her music begins to play often when she appears.

Yet another musician thought to haunt the Ryman is Hank William Sr. Again his music is often heard playing from a phantom source. His voice, a very distinct voice, has been heard by many (both employees and visitors) at the Ryman dating back almost 70 years to when he died in 1953.

Other paranormal occurrences at the Ryman include cold spots, phantom touches, disembodied voices, humanlike shadows without a source, apparitions and floating orbs.

This Halloween, the Ryman Auditorium is offering haunted tours. I wish I lived closer to check it out. If you do live near by and want to go for yourself, you can find out more below:

Photo By Daniel M. Silva

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