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The Pfister in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Pfister Hotel is a gorgeous late 1800’s hotel built right in downtown Milwaukee. This place is amazing. You can tell that no expense was spared during construction with marble, molding and other intricacies fit for high society. I have stayed here many times and each time is an adventure.

Tales of hauntings at The Pfister have been circulating for years now. In the times that I have stayed there, I have had one experience I feel was paranormal. I was laying on the bed watching tv when the bathroom door slowly eased open and then abruptly slammed shut. It was alarming at first but nothing really scary. Others have reported the apparition of the hotel’s original owner, foot steps without a source and more.

The Pfister offers a package called “a room with a boo” if you feel like checking out one of their haunted rooms. It’s worth a try if you are ever in town!

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