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Ghosts of The Mob Museum: Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated: Feb 14

The Mob Museum, in Las Vegas, is filled with all things mobster. There are items used by some of the most violent gangsters in American history, along with some torturous devices sure to freak you out. Some of the famous villains represented at the museum include Al Capone, Bugs Moran, Lucky Luciano, Bugsy Siegel, John Gotti, and many more.

One of the most interesting artifacts on display at the museum is the reconstructed wall in which the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre happened. The St. Valentines Day Massacre occurred on February 14, 1929, in the city of Chicago, Illinois. Some of Al Capone’s men made a plan for a couple of guys to dress as police officers and then surprised the men of Bugs Moran’s gang, who were in the old garage when the hit took place. Seven men were killed; two of whom were not members of Moran’s gang. To this day, the bullet holes are still in clear view almost 100 years after the gruesome murders took place.

The wall itself has had a tedious history since that fateful Valentine's Day in 1929. Some claim it is haunted, as weird anomalies such as screams and gunfire have been heard within its vicinity. Others say it is not necessarily haunted but rather cursed.

The paranormal activity associated with the Mob Museum itself appears to come from the violent criminals to which many of the artifacts belonged. There are reports of shadow figures, slamming doors, phantom footsteps, and even apparitions all throughout the museum. There have even been reports of ghostly gunfire that have left more than one person believing they were under attack. In the area of the infamous wall, a heavy energy is felt. Some even report feeling nauseous. Others have been pushed or shoved in that spot.

I haven't been to the Mob Museum yet...but I have been to the location of the St. Valentine's Massacre. It is a surreal experience even if it is nothing more than an empty space today.

Have you ever been to the Mob Museum?

Photo from MotherhoodDefined


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