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The Haunting of Amityville: New York

Everyone has at least heard of The Amityville Horror, whether or not they have seen the movie (movies?) is another story. The tale of a nice family moving to a new home in order to live the American dream has gripped many who've heard it, but, is the story real?


In 1974, the home was the site of a mass murder where six members of the DeFeo family were killed in their sleep by eldest son Ronald DeFeo Jr. He claimed a lot of reasons for the murder, but the reason he eventually stuck with was that he heard voices that told him to kill his family and he felt he had to obey. In 1975, the year following the murders, the Lutz family moved into the former DeFeo home. That is when the reports of paranormal activity began.

Paranormal Activity:

Immediately following their move into the home the Lutzes reported paranormal activity. The family felt that the activity was decidedly negative with objects moving on their own, disembodied voices were heard throughout the home, along with creaks and footsteps with no source. A fly infestation during the winter months was also claimed to have been a sign of demonic activity in the house. Most terrifying of all was that the family actually claimed to have seen demons manifest right in front of them. On more than one occasion. They called a priest in hopes of blessing the home and ridding the structure of the negative energy, but it was to no avail. Just twenty-eight days after moving in, the Lutz family moved out for good.

After the Lutz family moved out, their story became very popular. So popular in fact that a book was written which then inspired the famous movies. People were terrified of the home, but wanted to know more at the same time. The problem was that there were some who disputed the Lutzes story, including the new owners. There has been no record of paranormal activity since, but that does not mean the paranormal activity didn't occur. The home was the location of six violent, tragic murders, which in many cases can lead to paranormal activity. I'm inclined to believe there was some sort of paranormal activity, just probably no where near as dramatic or prevalent as what is portrayed in the movies and book. But you never know. Either way, it is a classic horror tale that has scared people for generations and will continue to do so for many more.

Just a disclaimer that the home is still a private residence today and not open to investigations or tours.

Photo By John Arehart


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