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The Drish House: Tuscaloosa, Alabama

1911 Photo Alabama Department of Archives and History

The Drish House, located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, is a Greek Rival-styled former plantation home built back in 1837. Slaves were worked tirelessly to get the stuccoed home built quickly and efficiently for Dr. John R. Drish and his wife Sarah.

In 1867, Dr. Drish died in the home. Allegedly his death came unexpectedly due to a fall down the steep staircase in the home. His widow Sarah outlived him by seventeen years. She mourned him until her passing in 1884. Sarah used elaborate candles for John’s funeral and kept them as a memento of sorts, as she wanted the candles used at her own funeral in the future.

Unfortunately for Sarah, her remaining family could not find these candles, meaning her funeral went on without them. It is said that the ghost of Sarah was furious at the fact these candles were not used and, to this day, haunts the home because of this.

Since at least the early 1900s, claims of paranormal activity within the house had surfaced. Some have seen shadow figures on the steps leading many to believe Dr. Drish is still hanging around. Others have seen a full apparition of a woman many believe to be Sarah.

In addition to her apparition, Sarah’s spirit is said to be somewhat of a pyrotechnic. Unexplainable fires have broken out at random all throughout the house. Some believe it is her way of letting the living know that she has not forgotten nor forgiven those who did not honor her final wish.

If you happen to visit the house looking for the apparition of Sarah, she has mostly been seen on the third story, staring blankly into the abyss.

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