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Pittock Mansion: Oregon

Built in 1914, the Pittock Mansion in Portland, is a grand 46 room mansion. The home was built for Henry Pittock, and his wife Georgiana, who requested that no expense be spared on the luxuries of high end construction. Sadly, the Pittock's only got to enjoy their dream home for a short while as Georgiana died in 1918 and Henry passed the following year, in 1919.

The home remained in the family for some time, but after years of struggling to keep up with it, followed by a particularly brutal storm, left the mansion close to demolition. The city of Portland eventually purchased and restored it. They went on to designate it as one of the city's historic sites.

Since this designation, the mansion has been the setting of quite a few movies in its history including "The Haunting Of Sarah Hardy."

The Hauntings:

For over 60 years, many of those who have visited the mansion have reported some form of paranormal activity. From objects moving on their own, to footsteps in the floors above, to unnaturally cold spots throughout the home. Disembodied voices and even an apparition have been reported at the old home.

If you want to check out the Pittock mansion the next time you are in Portland, you actually can. You can tour the grounds and check out the exhibits the city of Portland has set up on the beautiful property. I'd like to check it out the next time I'm in town.

Photo by: St. Nick


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