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Old Candler Hospital: Savannah, GA

There's no question that Savannah, Georgia is one of the most haunted cities in the US, if not the world. It seems as though there are countless ghost stories coming from all over the city. One of those stories centers around the Old Candler Hospital, which was built way back in 1804. The hospital is a huge, sprawling building with many dark corners and tunnels throughout. In its 200-plus years of existence, the building has witnessed many sad occasions, with outbreaks of Yellow Fever and tuberculosis, among other illnesses, causing large casualties within the walls of the old hospital.

The worst part of the hospital centers on the former psychiatric ward where, because of ignorance or lack of advancement in the field, inhumane treatment of patients persisted. These patients were subjected to awful shock “therapy” besides other painful, and often cruel treatments that left a lasting impression long after the people experiencing them had passed away.

As the Old Candler Hospital has seen much death in its long history, it is no surprise that there are still spirits of some former patients hanging around. The paranormal activity at this location is a mixture of both residual and intelligent hauntings. Residual hauntings are an imprint of time, almost like a video playing over and over again. An intelligent haunting is a haunting where the spirit is actively there and interacting in a way a residual haunting cannot.

Some who visit claim to see patients still wandering the halls

, with a lost look on their faces. Other visitors have heard screams of pain and terror coming from t

he old psychiatric ward. There have been reports of people being touched or pushed by an invisible hand. Other people claim to hear voices all around them, though no one else is present. Footsteps without a source are often heard, as is knocking on random doors and walls.

There is little doubt that the Old Candler Hospital is haunted; with so much pain and sadness in its history, it would be more surprising if it was not.

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