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Oak Alley Plantation

In Vacherie, Louisiana sits Oak Alley plantation. It was built in 1837 and became the residence of the Roman family. The family suffered a number of losses at the estate including the death of three of their children followed by the father’s death just 10 years after moving in. His widow would live until the age of 50, always in mourning of her family’s early demise. In the 1920’s the plantation was owned by a couple who were up to the task of restoring the 80+ year old estate. They did the home justice and today it is a glorious example of 19th century craftsmanship.

Ghostly sightings have been reported here on numerous occasions. The most common occurrence involves the apparition of a woman in 1800’s dress. She has been seen in different windows and rooms throughout the home. Other reports include imprints in the furniture though no one had recently sat in the same spot. People have also reported chills, orbs and feelings of being watched.

The plantation is open to weddings, events and tours. It is a picturesque property with an interesting history. It’s worth checking out if you or ever in town!

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