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New London Ledge Lighthouse: Connecticut

The New London Ledge Lighthouse is a Connecticut lighthouse built in 1909. This lighthouse is beautiful and unusual, as it breaks from the normal lighthouse shape, creating quite the sight just off of the coast. It was manned by a light keeper (six in total) all the way up until 1959 when the Coast Guard took over, who in turn manned it until 1987 when it was converted to automatic.

Paranormal Activity:

Many of the Coast Guardsmen who manned the New London Ledge Lighthouse claimed that the lighthouse is very active, paranormaly speaking. Loud banging and knocks, doors opening and slamming shut, shadow figures and apparitions were all said to have been seen by the crew.

The most well known ghost at the lighthouse is an apparition nicknamed "Ernie." Most people who have experienced activity at the lighthouse claim that Ernie is the one doing it. It's unknown whether Ernie is trying to scare the living out of malice, or just because he's having a good time. As much as I would like to interact with him, there have been a few people who didn't enjoy his surprise.

Over the years, other visitors to the lighthouse have claimed to have similar experiences to those from the Coast Guard. Claims of items moving or being thrown, feelings of being touched and more have been claimed in addition to the aforementioned experiences.

This place seems like a lot of fun and I want to check it out for myself. If you have ever been, I'd love to hear your story!

Photo by: Rosa Creanza


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