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Mount Hope Cemetery: Bangor, Maine

Mount Hope Cemetery is the final resting place of many well-known residents of the state of Maine. Established in 1834, the cemetery has over 29,000 dead buried within its grounds, including former governors, senators, generals, and more. One famous burial in Mount Hope is Alfred James Brady, a famous outlaw during the 1930s.

Al Brady, born in Indiana in 1910, made quite a name for himself in his almost 27 years. For all the wrong reasons. He was a notorious bank robber who caused so much trouble that he was named as the FBI’s “Public Enemy Number 1,” just like fellow Indiana native John Dillinger. He kept himself busy robbing, making his way across the country until he arrived in Bangor. It was there that he met his fate in the middle of the street as he got into a shootout with officials. A shootout he and one other ultimately lost. He was then buried at Mount Hope Cemetery, where it is said his ghost still appears, 85 years after his death in 1937.

Other spirits are also seen in the old cemetery. There have been apparitions of various ages seen in Mount Hope. They, for the most part, ignore the living as they are seen solemnly lurking about the cemetery grounds, passing the days and nights of their eternity in silence and solitude.

One more interesting tidbit about Mount Hope Cemetery. Many who see pictures of Mount Hope immediately recognize it as the setting for Stephen King’s work “Pet Sematary.” The house and cemetery there were used in the movie edition, adding an extra layer of creepy to the old grounds. Nothing like a haunted location with the added bonus of the setting of a horror movie to get you in the mood for some ghost hunting, huh?

Photo By: linux1987


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