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Mark Twain House: Connecticut

Samuel and Olivia Clemens hired an architect to design their dream home in Hartford, Connecticut in the early 1870's. Upon its completion in 1874, the Clemens family moved into the grand 11,000+ square foot home. Sam Clemens, of course, was best known by his pen name, Mark Twain (famous author of "The Adventure's of Tom Sawyer" and many more great works). The family lived at the home for 17 years before moving on, though they did return to visit. In 1896, Twain's eldest daughter, Susy, became sick with a sudden fever while visiting their former home. It was found that she was suffering from spinal meningitis, which soon became worse leading to her passing at the young age of 24.

Today, the home is a museum dedicated to its former famous owner. It's a popular tourist stop in Hartford for literary, as well as paranormal, fans. Reports from visitors and museum staff alike, have claimed paranormal activity in the former home.

The home is full of paranormal happenings from the top floor on down. The billiard room is said to have quite a bit of activity itself. Objects move randomly, smoke is often smelt though none is visually there. The scent of smoke sometimes becomes so strong that the smoke alarm goes off though there is no actual smoke around. The fire department has been called several times, but nothing has ever been detected in the area.

An apparition of a lady in white, sometimes associated with Twain's daughter Susy, is occasionally seen in the home. Loud footsteps, disembodied voices, shadows, and feelings of being touched have also been reported within the house.

The paranormal happenings in the Mark Twain House appear to be quite active. If you have ever been, I'd love to hear your story!


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