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Jesse James Farm: Missouri

If you like stories of outlaws and bank robbers, chances are that you know about Jesse James. Born in 1847, Jesse grew up in a part of Missouri that tended to sympathize with the south during the Civil War. This led to Jesse and some of his friend's and family joining a gorilla group of bushwhackers to fight Union strongholds during the end of the war. Following the war, Jesse returned to his home in Missouri where tensions were still high between the Union and Confederate sympathizers. During this time, Jesse and his brother Frank were starting to develop serious animosity for the Union and the Pinkerton detectives that had come to town. Apparently during the war, Jesse and Frank's step father was strung up and tortured at the farm in order to reveal the location of the guerrilla group that the boys were part of. As for their hatred of the Pinketon's, it is due to an incident when the Pinkerton's raided the James farm, blew up their house murdering Jesse's younger half-brother and causing permanent physical deformities to his mother. This is what spawned Jesse, Frank as well as their cousins and friends to form the James-Younger game. From there, the men became infamous outlaws by robbing banks and trains. After Jesse was killed at the age of 34, he was buried for a time at the farm before eventually being moved.

Today the farm is preserved well and has turned into a museum that tourists enjoy visiting every year. There have been quite a few reports of haunting's at the location. Given the farm's violent history, it's not a surprise. Phantom gun fire, the sound of horses trotting, and random disembodied voices have been heard. Lights turn on and off, orbs are seen floating, and even apparitions are said to have been seen.

This is another spot that I can't wait to visit.

Photo by Everett Historical on Shutterstock


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