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Jeremy Swamp Road: Connecticut

The legend of Jeremy Swamp Road, located in Southbury, Connecticut, is as creepy as it is intriguing. Said to be one of the most haunted roads in all of the United States, this road has earned its place as one of my favorite scary stories. So, what exactly is the legend surrounding the supposedly haunted Jeremy Swamp Road? Stories dating back decades speak of shadow figures, lurking off to the sides of the road watching and waiting for the living to arrive. Some people have claimed to have been chased by figures not quite human looking, meaning they are humanoid but not quite human looking. These figures, sometimes cloaked in shadows, other times accompanied by mist, have given many people that awful feeling of dread many who have encountered the paranormal can understand.

One of the most terrifying things about the stories of Jeremy Swamp Road revolves around the reports of drivers vanishing. Supposedly, there have been multiple reports of cars breaking down and in need of a tow. When the tow truck driver arrives on scene, the car is there but the occupants are nowhere to be found.

I don't know if the legends are real...hopefully not, but what I do know is that many go out to the road looking for paranormal activity and have caught various evp, pictures of orbs, mists and shadow figures; so, something is going on out there, I just don't know what.

Have you ever been to Jeremy Swamp Road or a similar haunted road? I love these stories and would love to hear yours!


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