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Independence Hall: Pennsylvania

Built in 1753, Independence Hall has been the site to some of the most important events in United States history. Debates took place between our founding fathers about how to gain independence during the Second Continental Congress inside Independence Hall. The most famous document in the United States, the Declaration of Independence, was signed here along with the equally famous Constitution. It was also once home to the Liberty Bell, before being moved to its current location.

Through its very long history, Independence Hall has seen a lot. Because of this history, it attracts a large amount of visitors every year, many of whom have no idea of the structures haunted history.

It has been reported that Independence Hall is haunted by some of the men who helped pave the way for US independence. The most famous of the haunting’s is said to be none other the Benjamin Franklin himself. He has been seen by quite a few visitors and workers at Independence Hall over the years. His apparition appears and disappears on a whim. Almost always surrounded in some sort of white mist or fog. He is most often seen in the Assembly Room where the Second Continental Congress usually met. Sometimes his apparition is even accompanied by a unique scent that has been described as musty.

If you’re like me and love history, odds are that Philadelphia’s Independence Hall was already on your list of places to see. Catching a glimpse of the spirit of a famous founding father is just enough incentive to get me there sooner.

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