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Howard Street Cemetery: Salem, Massachusetts

Updated: May 31, 2022

The Salem Witch Trials of 1693 left a dark mark in the history of Massachusetts. 25 people who were accused of being witches during the trials were tortured and killed. The majority died by hanging, though one, Giles Corey, was tortured and executed by pressing. Giles was then buried in what is now known as Howard Street Cemetery, in an unmarked grave.

Not long after his death, the apparition of Giles (who was accused of being a dark warlock) was said to have been seen near where he was buried. It is said that as he was being tortured to death, he cursed the sheriff and ever since then, anyone thought to be a sheriff is targeted by Giles' ghost. His spirit is said to be understandably angry with how he met his end and is looking to get back at those who wronged him.

Other ghostly activity at the Howard Street Cemetery includes disembodied voices, shadow figures, strange mists and orbs. It's not known who these other spirits are but it could be some of the other victims of the Salem Witch Trials who are also in the cemetery, or any of the 1,100 other souls buried there.

Photo By Danae Abreu



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