Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital: Parsippany, New Jersey

Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital was built way back in 1876 in Parsippany, New Jersey. It was, as they called it at the time, a “lunatic asylum,” which was built to help take the pressure of excessive crowding off of another asylum in the state of New Jersey. Patients in the psychiatric hospital were from many backgrounds, and we were afflicted with a wide range of issues.

The building itself is huge, spanning over 670,000 square feet. It was built to prevent overcrowding at another location, but soon saw overcrowding within its own walls. It reached up to 7,700 patients in care at its most crowded point. The overcrowding coupled with the standard of care was said to create horrible conditions for patients.

The last of the patients at Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital were transferred in 2008, leaving the building to history, but not completely empty, as ghostly inhabitants are still around. Apparitions of patients, doctors, and nurses have all been seen throughout the old building. There have been apparitions of even children, often seen near the tuberculosis portion of the former hospital. There have been reports of shadow figures, some of which have appeared at the end of the hall and then, in the blink of the eye, reappear right in front of the unsuspecting visitor. Besides figures, there have also been voices, footsteps, crying, and even banging heard all throughout the area.

Photo from Morris County, NJ website.

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