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Fowler Theatre

In 1940, in a small town in Indiana, the Fowler Theatre opened. It was a popular destination back in the day. It was even one of only six theaters in all of the United States to premiere one of the most famous movies of all time, Gone With The Wind (after the December 1939 Atlanta premiere of course). The theatre was a popular destination for movie goers for decades and, today, still shows films during the weekends.

The Hauntings:

The hauntings of the Fowler Theatre are notorious. It is ranked as one of the most haunted locations in Indiana and rarely disappoints when investigated. There are said to be a few ghosts who haunt the old theatre including one man who is possibly the original owner. His apparition has been seen wearing 1940's attire while walking by before disappearing from sight. Items have been moved without an explanation, disembodied voices have been heard (including what sounds like a child), footsteps without a source can be heard, and bright orbs fly through the air.

This is the theatre we will be investigating on March 13th along with the old Benton County Jail. We do have one spot left open if you would like to join in this investigation. Send a message to if you're interested :). Until then be sure to follow My Haunted Fowler on Facebook and Instagram for previous investigations at the Fowler Theatre.


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