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Cape Hatteras Lighthouse: North Carolina

The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, in the Outer Banks town of Buxton, North Carolina, first opened in 1871. Standing at an imposing 210 feet tall, the lighthouse is the largest brick lighthouse in all of North America. In its 150 year history, the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse has seen its fair share of interesting events including a ghost ship arrival in 1921 and a relocation over 2,000 feet away from its original spot (a pretty spectacular feat).

The arrival of a ghost ship in 1921, the Carroll A. Deering, gave the residents in the area quite the scare. The ship appeared to be in great condition, nothing was missing...except for the crew and passengers. Not one person was found aboard the ship; however, it appeared as though a meal was about to begin. Food had been prepared and the table set, completely untouched for who knows how long. No one knows what happened to the people originally on board because they were never heard from again.

The haunting's of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse are well documented with activity said to be prevalent. An apparition, said to be Theodore Burr, has been spotted on the beach outside the lighthouse, walking aimlessly around.

Another ghost said to haunt the lighthouse is that of a black and white cat. This cat has been wandering around the lighthouse for more than a century according to reports. It never bothers anyone, just seems to appear and disappear on a whim.

Other paranormal encounters include shadowy figures, disembodied voices, orbs, and an apparition in a raincoat.

If you are interested in visiting the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, it is usually open from April to October with self-guided tours available though due to Covid, things may be a bit different this year.


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