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Baseball Hall Of Fame: Cooperstown, NY

Updated: May 31, 2022

Baseball is a favorite here in the US, and for good reason. Dating back to the mid 1800's, baseball has grown in popularity ever since with each generation creating new hero's within the sport. The National Baseball Hall of Fame was created in the 1930's to honor the best of the best in the game with a selection into this most coveted of positions in baseball history.

The first class inducted into the Hall of Fame were some of the games most well known including Ty Cobb, Christy Matthewson, Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner, and Walter Johnson. Since then, names such as Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, Jackie Robinson, Hank Aaron, Stachel Paige, Ted Williams and more have been added to the Hall of Fame. Other's, such as Shoeless Joe Jackson, who were great in their own right, were not inducted to the hall due to controversy in their playing days leaving an asterisk next to their name forever, whether fair or not, is still up for debate.

The Hauntings:

With so many items near and dear to the hearts of the players showcased in the Hall of Fame, it comes as little surprise that some of these baseball hero's are sticking around after death to keep an eye on the prized possessions of their heyday. So which of baseball's most famous stars are haunting the Hall of Fame? Babe Ruth seems to be the number one guess, as some have reported seeing his apparition walking the halls, especially close to his exhibit.

Another baseball great thought to haunt the Hall is Ty Cobb. Cobb was one of the best in the game back in the early 1900's, but was also known for his temperamental and colorful personality. Basically, he wasn't well liked. At all. It is said that his spirit haunts the area near the plaques signifying the inductees by class year. Disembodied voices, feather like touches and even ghostly shadows have all been experienced in the gallery where Cobb's plaque hangs. Why visitors believe it is Cobb, I'm not sure as there are several other plaques on the wall with his, but for some reason he is always the most likely culprit.

Yet another haunting in the Hall revolves around a player that is not actually in the Hall of Fame, Shoeless Joe Jackson. He was involved in the Black Sox scandal of 1919, when members of the White Sox team were found to be betting against themselves during the World Series and ultimately quite a few were banned for life. Jackson was one of them. Most agree it wasn't fair he was kicked out for life as his stats proved he played hard and did well during the series. It is also thought that his lack of education played a part in his unable to understand what was going on at the time of the deal.

Jackson is said to haunt the area also near the bronze plaques. Why does he haunt it? The theories are that it is because he was snubbed by Major League Baseball for induction even though evidence rules against his wrong doing. His sad and melancholy spirit appears occasionally in the Hall along with a disembodied voice many attribute to being his.

Other hauntings in the Hall of Fame include, moving orbs, phantom footsteps, mists, and unnaturally cold spots.

As a baseball fan, I am eager to visit. As a paranormal investigator, the National Baseball Hall of Fame is at the top of my list of haunted spots to visit.

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