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Bachelor's Grove Cemetery: Illinois

Updated: Feb 14

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery, located in Midlothian, Illinois, dates back to the mid 1830's. It's one of those cemeteries that you can instantly tell has been touched by time. A lot of the headstones are weathered; some are broken or toppled over. Neglect and outright desecration occurred for years, if not decades, at Bachelor's Grove.

No one has been buried at the old cemetery in over a quarter century, but there has been no shortage of visitors in the years since. The reason for this is simple, Bachelor's Grove is one of the most famous cemeteries in the United States for paranormal activity. There's a lot of activity here. As a previous body dumping spot for Al Capone's mob, there is a lot of unfinished business going on in addition to the other souls buried within the cemetery grounds.

Orbs show up in a large portion of the photos taken at Bachelor's Grove. Phantom cars can be heard, and sometimes even seen circling the fence. The general consensus on the cars is that they are ghostly impressions from the mob. Residual hauntings. I've been told there's been a few sightings of a ghost horse and farmer who drowned more than a century ago. A ghostly apparition in all white glides through the cemetery on clear nights, while a two headed apparition has been seen on several occasions just outside of the fence. Several other apparitions have been seen throughout the cemetery over the past 50 years as well.

In addition to the apparitions of beings, there's also a phantom farm house that appears and disappears to some visitor's. EVP's (electronic voice phenomena) have been recorded by many paranormal investigator's. Mob voices, an angry lady, an inquisitive ghost and more have all been recorded (pretty clearly) on voice recorders communicating with investigators.

A friend of mine investigates here quite often and says this is one of her favorite spots for paranormal activity. I've only been during the day, so I haven't gotten anything more than a few spikes on the EMF reader, but maybe I will be heading back at night sometime in the near future to do a real investigation.

Photo By HeatherPuff


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