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Yuma Territorial Prison: Arizona

In Yuma, Arizona sits the Yuma Territorial Prison. It opened in the 1870's, years before Arizona was a state. The prison had a reputation of being especially cruel to the inmates who were housed there. Terms such as "crimes against humanity" were thrown around quite a bit when referring to the treatment of the prisoners. This is probably why it had a fairly short run, closing for good in 1909.

Today, it is a tourist attraction as it has been turned into a state park and historic landmark. Many people flock to the attraction every year to learn about its history. A lot of these visitor's also come to check out the prison's paranormal activity.

During its time as a prison, Yuma Territorial Prison saw its fair share of death so it's not surprising to have some resident ghosts still hanging around. One spot in particular tends to have the most activity. The "dark cell." This cell was used as a form of punishment for the most rambunctious of prisoners. Those who enter the cell have felt cold chills and invisible touches, heard voices (often times angry), and developed an overwhelming sense of doom.

In addition to the "dark cell," bright balls of light have been seen floating around the prison, random EVP have been captured and a shadow person has been seen.

The Yuma Territorial Prison is, without a doubt, one of the most unique prisons in our nation's history. Add to that the paranormal activity that occurs here, and I would say it is one of the must do's if you are ever in town.


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