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Wood Island Lighthouse: Maine

The Wood Island Lighthouse in Biddleford, Maine began operating all the way back in 1808 when President Jefferson requested its construction. It has seen a lot in its 200 plus years, and has undergone several renovations while housing at least 20 resident light keeper's. Amazingly, it is still an operational lighthouse to this day.

With the lighthouse being so old, it was bound to see some form of tragedy over the years. In the late 1800's, the island was the site of a scuffle that resulted in a murder suicide between a trespasser and a police officer. It is said that the lighthouse is haunted by the murdered police officer who likes to make himself known. Items have been moved around mysteriously, doors close randomly, disembodied voices, and footsteps without a source have all been reported at the lighthouse. Orbs, as well as EVP, have also been successfully captured at the location.

The Wood Island Lighthouse is a well known spot in the northeast for its haunted history and has even been featured on the show "Ghost Hunters." If you're ever in town be sure to check it out.

Photo by: Shackleford Photography


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