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Wildwood Sanitarium: New York

Updated: Dec 14, 2021


Wildwood Sanitarium is located in Salamanca, New York. Opening in 1909, Wildwood Sanitarium became a treatment center for those seeking help for addictions such as alcohol, drug use, and more. At this time, it was very uncommon to find a place for treatments for addictions, making it one of the only sanitariums such as this in the nation.

By 1923, the building was transformed into a tuberculosis hospital as tb was ravishing the country around this time. As tb was highly contagious, and a suitable treatment was still years was away, the death rate was still fairly high.

The Hauntings:

Since its closure, the building fell into a rough state. Recently, it was acquired, and rehabilitation has begun. During the renovations, many reports of paranormal activity has come to light. Doors have slammed on their own, disembodied voices can be heard throughout, and even full-bodied apparitions have been seen inside the old sanitarium. The activity is said to be off the charts, with experiences occurring almost daily.

I hope to check it out for myself this summer but until then, if you are interested in visiting Wildwood, they do offer paranormal investigations and tours which the proceeds help to restore the building to its original glory. For more information check it out here: Wildwood Sanitarium – Welcome to Wildwood Sanitarium

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