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Whispers Estate: Indiana

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

The History:

Located in the small town of Mitchell, Indiana sits an old Victorian home which was originally owned by a man named Dr. George White and his wife Sarah. They lived at the home for a few years before the home was then turned over to a Dr. John Gibbons along with his wife Jessie.

Dr. Gibbons was as well known in the community as he was respected. The couple was said to be very charitable and caring, having donated to many causes and adopted several orphaned children. Of the children adopted by the Gibbons', several perished inside the family home. The master bedroom saw the death of two children on two separate occasions. An infant passed away in the grand bedroom, though the reasoning is unclear. Not long after that tragic death, another child, an adopted daughter, sadly passed away due to pneumonia in the same room.

One of the most tragic tales to come out of the home of Dr. and Mrs. Gibbons involved a girl who was just 10 years old when she met her fate in a house fire that she supposedly set. She had only lived with the family for a short while when the horrific tragedy occurred.

In addition to the deaths within the Gibbons family, other's are have said to have passed within the walls of the Whispers Estate. Since John was a doctor who often saw his patient's out of his home, there is a theory that some of his patients passed there as well.

The Hauntings:

The paranormal activity at the Whisper's Estate is said to be off the charts with all kinds of evidence experienced. People have claimed to have been touched, scratched, pushed, and more. Disembodied voices are often heard along with quite a bit of evp's (electronic voice phenomena) captured. The doctor himself is said to whisper in women's ears, touch them, and even all out grope them.

There have been instances of baby sounds caught in the master bedroom. Those that are sensitive to the paranormal have felt as though they cannot breathe in the same room as well. Shadow figures, full bodied apparitions, the smell of smoke, and quite possibly the most disturbing of all, an earthquake type force has been reported within the home.

It sounds as though this home is very heavy on the paranormal activity and that is what I am hoping for, as I will be investigating here in late October. I will also have a few special guests along for the investigation, so be sure to stay turned as it gets closer to time. Until then, for more information on The Whispers Estate or to book your own investigation, head over to their website : Whispers Estate ( or give the guys at the podcast Middle Aged and Creeped Out a listen, as they discussed it in an episode of theirs.

Photo from The Whispers Estate website.

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