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When Work Follows You Home

The story today comes from my husband who worked at a company specializing in biohazard clean up about a decade ago. This particular job took him to a home where a suicide had taken place in Illinois. He was the carpenter for the company, so his job was to replace the parts that had to be removed during cleanup. Often times, this job required him to work alone for many hours, sometimes late into the night.

As he finished up his job for the day and headed home, everything seemed normal. He got home, went through his routine and finally went to be. In the middle of the night he woke up to his dog growling next to his bed. He looked up to find a man standing in his doorway staring straight at him with a blank expression on his face. My husband was frozen with fear because he thought that this guy was an intruder trying to rob his house. He quickly grabbed his gun from the nightstand and turned to find the man gone. He said this happened in only seconds but felt like an eternity.

Keep in mind, that my husband did not believe in anything paranormal and was still trying to convince himself that this was somehow a break in or a nightmare, anything but a ghost. His dog’s response was a bit confusing to him, but he was dearly trying to convince himself.

As he searched the house, he found no signs of an intruder, nothing had been unlocked or broken. Nothing was out of place, the guy just vanished. He spent some time trying to rationalize his thoughts but ultimately couldn’t and realized that this was a paranormal visitor.

A few days later, he told me the story, not knowing that I was a big fan of all things haunted. I try to keep that to myself because some people will look at you like you’re nuts. We were in the early dating stage, so this was a hobby I kept to myself. I could tell he was uncomfortable telling me this story, but I was like a kid in a candy store and latched onto every detail. I asked him about the man who had passed away in the house where he had been working that day. He told me all that he knew was his name and so we looked him up online. As the man’s picture pulled up, I watched my husband’s face drain of color. I don’t think he really realized until that moment that his visitor was in fact a ghost.

He never saw the guy again. I’m hopeful that this means that the man has since crossed over to a more peaceful after life.

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