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Waipi’o Valley: Hawaii

Located on Hawaii’s Big Island, Waipi’o Valley has long been a place to visit for tourists and locals alike due to its scenic beauty. What many tourists don’t know about Waipi’o Valley, is that folklore claims it is the spot Lua-o-Milu, or the gateway to the underworld. It is said because of this location’s proximity to the Lua-o-Milu, the area is crawling with paranormal activity.

Dating back thousands of years, the ghost stories of Hawaii are legendary. The Night Marchers who roam Waipi’o Valley nightly are an intimidating site for any who happen to witness them. These Night Marchers appears as a group of warrior apparitions, marching to the beat of a war drum. They are said to be armed with weapons not used for many generations and appear to be on a mission to avenge when spotted. If the sound of the ghostly drum and the apparition’s of long dead warriors isn’t enough to freak you out, there have also been instances of battle cries as well as loud chanting that can be heard.

The interesting thing about the Night Marchers is that they have been spotted on several of Hawaii’s Islands making their haunting grounds far and wide compared to most of the ghosts we usually hear about who haunt a single location.

Hawaii is on the top of my list of places to visit, but since knowing that it has a pretty active haunted history, it has me ready to go ASAP.


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