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Valley Forge

The area of Valley Forge became famous during the Revolutionary War, when General George Washington and his men encamped there from December 1777 to June 1778. Valley Forge, which is on the Schuylkill River near to Philadelphia, marked a turning point for the Continental Army as their morale changed over the winter break from fierce battles in the war.

The winter was rough that year, more so than what is typical of the area. To add to the less than perfect weather conditions, the men in the army were suffering from lack of supplies, clothing, and food in a mismanaged mess that reflected poorly on everyone involved. As disease swept through the ranks of the Continental Army, many would suffer life-threatening conditions, with some losing their lives.

Today, they have converted Valley Forge into a National Park where many come to visit each year. Though it is not known with absolute certainty, there is thought to be a mass grave somewhere on the property for those who passed away during their cold winter stay almost two hundred and fifty years ago.

It is because of this supposed mass grave that experts in the paranormal field believe that ghostly activity is often seen in the area. The most common of these activities are said to be shadow figures in and around the National Park grounds. Other paranormal activity includes a figure who appears to be a soldier from the Continental Army. He appears from time to time, sometimes during the day, though more often at night. Those who have seen him claim he is a residual style haunting because there is never any interaction with anyone else and he tends to be found in the exact same location. Those who have seen him say that he appears to have wrapped feet with no shoes. torn clothing, and a young face.

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