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Tippecanoe Battlefield: Indiana

On November 7, 1811, a battle broke out between United States troops and the members of Tecumseh’s Shawnee tribe. The over 1,000 US troopes were led by future president William Henry Harrison while the 700 warriors of the Shawnee tribe were led by Techumseh’s brother, Tenskwatawa, who was known as “The Prophet.” Tensions had been building for quite awhile but Techumseh was reluctant to engage in battle. As he left out of town for some sort of business, his brother prophesied that it was now or never, attacking Harrison’s men at the location now known as the Tippecanoe battlefield. Though the attack was a bit of a shock, Harrison’s men were able to prevail after about two hours of fighting. The US men suffered 126 wounded and 62 dead. As for the Shawnee, the numbers are unknown exactly, though they are speculated to be at around 65 killed with an additional 80 wounded.

The battle was one of the catalyst that led up to the War of 1812 while propelling Harrison into national fame and later helped him with the bid for president supported by the slogan “Tippecanoe and Tyler too.”

Today, the battlefield is a peaceful memorial preserved perfectly as it would have been Over 200 years. Informative monuments are strewn about in the very places of the fallen to educate the visitor; over all it is a lovely place to visit. It’s also a spot where you are likely to interact with a spirit or two.

I have visited there several times but yesterday was my first without other people around. There is definitely a feeling of being watched as you roam the grounds. At one point my, EMF reader went crazy at the spot where a soldier name Jacob fell.

Others have experienced a wide array of activity at the Tippecanoe battlefield including, floating orbs, balls of light, battle sounds, soldiers yelling and even apparitions appearing and disappearing on a whim.

I highly recommend going here if you are ever in the Lafayette area, it’s worth exploring the almost forgotten history and finding a spirit or two along the way.

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