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The Westgate Las Vegas

The Westgate, which used to be The Las Vegas Hilton, is one of the many hotels in Las Vegas. What’s really interesting about the Westgate is that it has seen several name changes while entertaining many visitors over the years. This resort has had many celebrities preform on stage including The King himself, Elvis.

Elvis preformed at the, now Westgate, often when in Las Vegas. He enjoyed his time there, staying in the penthouse often. In fact he liked that penthouse so much that he may still be hanging around. Over 40 years after his death mind you. Numerous reports have claimed to see Elvis in the penthouse or in the halls near it. His apparition has been seen, by guests and staff alike, appearing to relax while enjoying his stay. If you’re going to haunt a place, you may as well haunt a place you enjoyed in life.

I have been to Las Vegas but never The Westgate. That may change next time I’m in town, when I’ll try to spring for the penthouse, just in case I get a glimpse of Elvis.


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