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The Titanic Museum: Missouri

The Titanic Museum, in Branson, Missouri, is full of artifacts from the RMS Titanic. Housed inside a partial replica of the fateful ship, the museum takes the visitor back in time with the exhibits inside. In addition to the many relics and replicas in the museum, there are personal items from those who were on board the ship when she sank. The personal items lead many who have visited to wonder if the ghostly activity in the museum is tied to them.

Reports of paranormal activity started almost as soon as the museum opened. Titanic period apparitions have been witnessed, loud yells and cries, as well as disembodied voices have all been reported. Visitors have captured large orbs in their photos on more than a few occasions. Items have randomly moved with no explanation, and invisible touches have also been claimed by both visitors and workers. The museum was even featured on the 15th season of Ghost Adventures.

This place seems like an awesome museum to check out for any Titanic lover out there. Who knows, you may even see a spirit of one of the passengers while you're there!

Photo by: lightmax84


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