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The Stanley Hotel: Colorado

If you've seen "The Shining," the movie about Stephen King's book of the same name, then you have probably heard of The Stanley before. At over a hundred years old, The Stanley has seen a lot of history. The Stanley has been rumored to be haunted since at least the 1940's when its original owner, Mr. Stanley himself, passed away. A friend of mine visited there not too long ago, and found out that shortly after his death, guests checking in were greeted by Mr. Stanley who would appear out of nowhere. Other common occurrences include disembodied laughter and voices, phantom music and pictures containing orbs. The hotel's fourth floor is said to have the most paranormal activity, especially during the night.

If you venture to Colorado and stop by The Stanley Hotel, be sure to check out the tour they have at night. It's a great way for guests to learn more about the paranormal happenings around the hotel!

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