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The Spirits of Fort Mifflin

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Today we travel to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania is probably my favorite state to visit due to its rich history and some of the most exciting haunted places to explore in the country. Fort Mifflin is one of those locations. It was originally built way back just before the beginning of the American Revolution. During the war, there was heavy battle at its site due to its ideal location on the Delaware River. By the time of the Civil War, it was too far north to see any battle, but it did hold Confederate prisoners of the Union forces. Fort Mifflin was actively used by the military until the mid-1900’s.

Today, Fort Mifflin is still standing and is visited by tourists from all over. Its paranormal activity brings as many tourists as the history itself. With the fort’s long military history, it is not at all a surprise that there are spirits still hanging around the location. Many spirits. Men died of disease, battle wounds, and hangings.

There are spirits located all over the fort and come in many forms. There are orbs and apparitions that appear frequently to investigators. There are ghostly shadows that roam around aimlessly. Some of the spirits like to interact with their visitors by providing clear EVP’s. Footsteps and other sounds with no source are commonly reported. One ghost in particular loves to give tours to the visitors of the old Fort. As the tour concludes, he's been known to just vanish into thin air leaving some very confused visitors.

If you want to visit the fort, it still stands as it did during its glory days. There are many different tours offered at Fort Mifflin from historical to paranormal. I’ve never been, but my friend has and told me it is a place that needs to be checked out if you love the paranormal, or history, or both. I’m in the process of planning an overnight ghost investigation at Fort Mifflin so be sure to stay tuned for the results!


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