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The Portland Underground/The Shanghai Tunnels: Oregon

The Shanghai Tunnels are a a series of tunnels dating back a century and a half, running underneath the city of Portland. The tunnels were made to better help with speedy and efficient trade by avoiding the congested downtown area.

It didn't take long for ligament business to give way to less than savory business in the tunnels. Being as they were not closely monitored by the local authorities, many criminal acts were never caught. The worst issue was kidnapping within the tunnels. Men were kidnapped and forced upon ships to work as crewman against their will. A lot of those who were kidnapped never even made it to the ship, dying of their wounds from the attacks upon them instead. This went on until around the turn of the 20th century, but legend states some of the spirits of those wronged still linger.

The tunnels are dark, dreary and a bit sinister today. Apparitions have been seen casually walking the tunnels before disappearing all together right in front of the unsuspecting witnesses eyes. Disembodied voices, cold spots, feelings of being touched and pushed, shadowed figures and more have all been seen in the tunnels.

These tunnels seem to be a hot spot for activity but I'm thinking they aren't a spot I'd like to check out. Something about underground tunnels always freak me out. I would love to hear stories from others though, so if you've ever been let me know!

Photo by benlat


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