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Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Williamsburg, Virginia is famous for being unique in its colonial setting. Visiting there is like stepping through a portal to a different time. I love it there! Though many visit for the historical adventure Colonial Williamsburg provides, a lot of tourists visit for its haunted history. I have visited two of the most famously haunted places in Williamsburg and have featured them below.

There are a couple of locations in Williamsburg known for paranormal activity including The Wren Building. Dating back to the 1600's, The Wren Building is one of the older structures in the United States. In its time, it has seen fires destroy parts of its structure, been a field hospital to not one but two wars, and seen countless deaths. With that history, it is no surprise that The Wren Building has some resident ghosts. Apparitions of Revolutionary and Civil War soldiers have been seen wandering the building. Disembodied voices and footsteps have been heard. Banging on the walls, cold spots and human like shadows have also been seen at The Wren Building.

The Peyton Randolph House is another spot said to be haunted. Built in the early 1700's, The Peyton Randolph House is the embodiment of colonial America. The ghost who haunts the halls of The Peyton Randolph House is said to have been a young man who died of disease more than a century ago. To this day, many have heard his footsteps on the stairs, saw his apparition in the halls and even heard a disembodied voice.

Many other places in Williamsburg are also said to be haunted, I can't wait to return and see for myself. Ghost tours are offered throughout the year, so the next time you are in town, check one out!

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