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The Biltmore Hotel: Florida

The Biltmore Hotel, not to be confused with the famous Vanderbilt estate, is located in the Miami area of Coral Gables, Florida. Built in the 1920's, the hotel became the place to be rather quickly. The rich and famous from all over came to The Biltomore Hotel. A few years after its opening, mobster Thomas "Fatty" Walsh (an associate of Lucky Luciano) was gunned down over an argument on the 13th floor, during a party.

During WWII, the Biltmore Hotel became of military hospital and remained so for many years while slowly falling into a state of disrepair. By the end of the 1960's, the hospital closed for good, leaving behind a very large abandoned structure.

Shortly after its closure, people started to sneak into the old hotel and stories of haunting's became wide spread. Tales of a ghostly mobster wandering the 13th floor were often reported. Spirits of soldiers have also been reported throughout the hotel. Bright orbs, loud bangs, foot steps, disembodied voices and objects randomly moving about have also been reported.

Today, The Biltmore is a hotel once more. It's a fun place to get away in luxury; but if you ever stop by, be on the look out for some ghostly residents.

Photo by: Rafel


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