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The Baladerry Inn: Pennsylvania

I recently had the pleasure of staying at the Baladerry Inn, a historic farmhouse in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The original part of the house, and the spot that I stayed in, was built in 1812. During the battle of Gettysburg, the home was used as a Union field hospital. In the dining room, soldiers were treated for grievous injuries, often times leading to amputation. The Civil War brought great devastation, the battle at Gettysburg saw the worst of that devastation. With the Baladerry Inn being a field hospital, it really isn't a surprise that the inn is said to be haunted.

As the innkeeper (by the way, the inn keepers are amazing) took me on a tour of the home, she pointed out a bloody footprint left by a soldier from all those years ago. She even brought in professionals to test the footprint to verify that it is in fact blood. How cool is that? Well not to the poor soldier of course.

Bloody Foot Print

I had been told ahead of time by some of my wonderful readers, to stay in the Primrose Room at the Baladerry Inn, so that is what I did. The room was lovely, and comfy and I knew I was going to love it there. For the first night of my stay, I had the whole original house to myself. It was quiet and I was tired, so I was out quickly; but I know you don't care about that, you want to know about the ghosts, right? Well, first hand I didn't experience anything equipment did.

When I travel, I have my video cameras that I set up along with emf readers, digital cameras and everything else under the sun that we paranormal investigators love to lug around with us. I left the video cameras running for my entire stay. One picked up a couple of orbs as you can see in the picture below (the really bright light is the other camera panning across, it didn't pick up the orbs).

The only other activity I caught on these cameras was while I was out of the room visiting the battlefield. My phone when off with an alert saying that motion was detected on one of the cameras, so immediately I'm excited. I was thinking this is it, I've finally caught an apparition. The motion detected can be seen in the video below.

As you can see it wasn't the apparition I was hoping for, but still pretty cool. The camera was at the back of the table and had been for over 24 hours when it was knocked down. As you can see at the end, it landed pretty far away from where I left it. Maybe it fell, but I really think it had a bit of help.

Other than these two incidents, I didn't catch anything on the security cameras. I did, however pick up some cool soundbites on my digital cameras. I did a bit of recording when I had the main house to myself that first night. Though I didn't hear anything myself, footsteps and whispers were recorded on the camera.

My experience at the Baladerry Inn was amazing. From the moment I stepped inside, it was as if I was transported back in time, with all the conveniences of the 21st century of course. The owners make you feel welcomed and provide you with an experience like no other. Also, the breakfast? Amazing! As for the hauntings...quite impressive. It is important to note that with any haunted location, sometimes the ghost want to interact, sometimes they don't. I got more by leaving the camera and heading out than actually being in the room. Maybe the ghost wasn't my biggest fan? Sometimes people see things first hand while others get nothing. It's just the way the paranormal world works.

If you are interested in going to the Baladerry Inn, you won't regret it. Did I mention they have a sweet cat who is just as welcoming as her humans? If you don't go for the history, or the ghosts, go for the kitty. You can find out more here

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