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Stone Mansion Investigation: Winchester, Indiana

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Last Tuesday I had the opportunity to investigate at the Stone Mansion located in Winchester, Indiana. The mansion is a sprawling 7,000+ square foot Second Empire-styled Victorian mansion that took six years to build with completion taking place in 1872. This home is every Victorian home lover's dream (me!). The home was built for General Asahel Stone and his wife Lydia. General Stone was a state senator for Indiana as well as the Commissary General and State Quarter Master General during the Civil War. In this position, he never saw combat or even came close to a battlefield, but there were whispers that he was taking a bit off the top for himself (essentially he was accused of being corrupt). General Stone was said to be a very particular man who had a large ego, one that he has carried on into death.

The Investigation:

I arrived at the Stone Mansion at 6 PM ready for a tour with the local historian where I received a great deal of information about the home itself as well as the resident spirits. Apparently, there are 8 spirits in all including a little girl in a yellow dress named Wendy, the General and his wife Lydia, Lydia's brother who died in a room on the second floor, and a few others who lived in the home following the death of the Stone's.

For the first couple of hours, I had a few peopl

e join me to learn how to investigate and get a feel for it. After they left for the evening, I went ahead and set up for my solo investigation by placing cameras throughout as well as other motion-activated equipment. The house is three stories, plus a basement, so I needed a lot of equipment for this one.

After setting up my equipment, I went back to the main floor and sat in the living room for a while. Around this time of night, the place is very VERY quiet meaning you can hear every single noise throughout the house. There appeared to be walking upstairs so I took the bait and went up.

The second floor seemed to be the hub of all the activity in the house that night. With 8 spirits inside, they can make a lot of noise if they want to...and they did. The whole time I was there it felt as if at least one spirit was right on my heels. Maybe they didn't like me there and wanted me out? Have you ever seen Beetlejuice, when the resident ghosts want the

new people out so they attempt to scare them out? That's what this felt like.

Back to the second floor, I had one camera in the room where General Stone's brother-in-law passed away, and another in my hand as I searched the area.

The video at the top of the page catches what appears to be a male voice in distress. I didn't hear it at the time (only on playback) or else it would have gotten some kind of reaction out of me no doubt. The first angle is from the camera I was holding, and the other was the one I had set up in the bedroom. Both caught the voice, but somehow, I missed it.

After catching the ghost voice, I walked a little further down the hallway and snapped a few pictures with my iPhone. As I was going back through them the next day, I saw that one picture in particular caught what could possibly have been an entity. I asked people on Instagram and TikTok what they thought, and the consensus agreed that it seemed as if an entity was in fact caught. It, along with the yell captured moments earlier, helped validate

the feeling I was getting of not only being followed, but of these spirits wanting me out. In the still I caught of it, I can see that it appears to be taller than me which makes me think it was not General Stone or his wife Lydia because he was supposed to be 4'11 and she shorter than that. I can also rule out the little spirit girl named Wendy because she was a child at her death. I'm 5'7 and was holding the camera level with my face, so I'm not sure which of the spirits this one was. Check it out below and let me know what you think.

Still shot of the possible entity:

Besides this, I caught a couple of voices on the Deadwave app and heard quite a few instances of footsteps and banging (mainly from the basement) but otherwise this was the gist of my evidence. I rarely feel scared in a place when investigating, but I did not have a good feeling here. I made it 6 hours solo before it got to be too much and had to pack up and head home. That has only ever happened one other time. No doubt this place is haunted.

To read more on the Stone Mansion, or to book an investigation go to:

If you'd like to watch a video tour I took of the mansion along with a bit of the investigation aspect, check out the video below:

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