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Old Tooele Hospital: Utah

The Old Tooele Hospital is a former residence turned hospital in Tooele, Utah. It was originally built in 1873 as a residence. In the 1950's, the home had been transformed into a hospital but one with a lack in funding. This lack of funding prevented the hospital from even having a morgue which resulted in bodies being stacked in refrigerated storage. It went on as a hospital for quite some time before eventually closing. It has now become Asylum 49, a haunted attraction.

Since it's a haunted attraction, many don't realize that there are actual resident ghosts at the location. Several apparitions have been spotted at the old hospital before it was turned into a haunted house. These apparitions are pretty active, making themselves noticed often. The paranormal activity of Old Tooele Hospital has been well documented in both photographs and video. Strange shadows, mists and orbs are commonly captured as well as the occasional EVP.

With it now being a haunted attraction, Old Toole Hospital is the perfect place to check out, especially around Halloween time.


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