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National Museum of the US Air Force

The National Museum of the US Air Force, in Dayton, Ohio, originally opened in the 1920's. It holds an amazing collection of planes used in our military’s past. Their WWII collection is probably the most famous exhibit there. It includes the famous B-17 Memphis Belle which spawned a movie and countless documentaries.

The air battles that these planes participated in were usually quick but especially violent. Even though some of the planes made it back, some of the airman inside sadly did not. With the National Museum of the US Air Force holding so many planes that have experienced the horrors of war, it is no surprise that the museum is said to be haunted. Apparitions of airman have been seen wandering the museum. Disembodied voices and footsteps have also been reported at the museum. Some have also reported seeing random objects floating without source.

I have been to this site several times (the boys are big fans of Memphis Belle) so I can tell you that this is a site for history lovers. Each time I go, I learn something new. Next time I visit, however, I will be keeping a lookout for a ghostly airman still hanging around.

Photo by Cathus

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