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Moonville Tunnel

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Moonville, Ohio is an abandoned town known for coal mining. In the 1800's, the area was flourishing with the success of those mines. As time went on, the town's population dwindled down after the mine closed for good. By the mid 1900's, no residents remained. The only thing left of the town is a tunnel that originally was made for trains to pass through.

Today, the area is overgrown by nature, leaving behind an eerie setting for the paranormal activity that is said to exist in Moonville. Several deaths have been said to have taken place inside the tunnel. One of those deaths is of an engineer who crashed into a second train on the tracks in the late 1800's. His ghost has been seen in the tunnel carrying a light just as he would have over a century ago. Another death at the tunnel occurred when, supposedly, a man was in the tunnel as a train approached. With nowhere to go, he was hit and killed. His ghost has been seen in the tunnel and around the former track, wandering aimlessly around.

Moonville Tunnel is an interesting place to visit, but it is also a dangerous place to visit. This is a very secluded location so do use caution and follow local laws if you do go investigate for yourself.

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