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Mammoth Cave: Kentucky

Mammoth Cave is an impressive cave system located in central Kentucky. With pathways stretching over 400 miles throughout the entire underground area, it is considered the largest cave system in the world. Estimated to be roughly 10 million years old (according to the National Parks Service who owns the cavern system), the Mammoth Cave system has a long history and a few ghosts as well.

Floyd Collins was an American explorer, specifically a cave explorer, who spent a lot of time exploring Mammoth Cave. He was most famous for finding the Crystal Cave and turning it into a tourist destination. In 1925, Collins set out to explore more of the cave system in hopes of finding another spot to turn into a tourist stop just as he did with the Crystal Cave. This time he came across what is known as the Sand Cave where, sadly, disaster struck. Collins became stuck in a narrow passageway, unable to get out. He waited for rescue but, after 14 days, he died from a combination of issues including thirst and starvation. It took roughly 2 months to recover his body after his passing.

Since his death in 1925, many people have claimed to see the spirit of Floyd Collins in the area near where he passed. A disembodied voice has been heard many times calling out for help. Most who hear the voice attribute it to Collins.

It is said Floyd Collins is not the only ghost who haunts Mammoth Cave. During an exploration of the caves in the 1930's, mummified remains of Native American's called "The Archaic Ones" by the NPS, were found. The first body found was that of a man crushed by a boulder. His body had been preserved under that bolder for thousands of years. It is thought that he, along with the others who's remains were also found, still roam the caves more than a millennia later.

Other paranormal experiences include feelings of being watched, followed and touch. Cold chills, humanoid shadow figures, balls of light (orbs) floating in odd patterns, disembodied voices, ghostly mists and phantom figures have also been reported by visitors, scientists and park rangers alike.

Photo By: Wangkun Jia

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