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LaLaurie Mansion: New Orleans, Louisiana

Located in New Orleans French Quarter, the LaLaurie Mansion is said to be one of the most haunted locations in all of the United States. New Orleans itself is known for having an incredible amount of paranormal activity; it's possibly the most haunted city in the world. In 1831, Delphine LaLaurie moved into the mansion and made it her own. Delphine went by the title Madame LaLaurie and had a reputation for being cruel. Madame LaLaurie was married several times, with her first two husbands dying from mysterious, yet unknown causes.

In 1834, a mob burnt the mansion, leaving it in a state that was uninhabitable for several years before ultimately it was rebuilt. Around this time, it was discovered the Madame LaLaurie treated her children cruelly and the slaves she kept were treated even worse. It is even said that she kept a torture chamber to carry out her cruel acts.

After the mansion was rebuilt, following the fire, the home was turned into a multiple resident home, like a modern day apartment building. A resident was murdered there not long after its opening, adding to the negative energy of the location. Claims of paranormal activity contributing to his death began to spread like wildfire.

For almost 200 years, the LaLaurie Mansion has been the subject of hundreds, if not thousands, of paranormal claims. Apparitions, cold chills, shadows, objects randomly moving, orbs and disembodied voices are just a sample of the many claims that have occurred at the mansion.

As far as I know, the LaLaurie mansion is not open to the public, so ghost tours inside are not an option. There are, however, many ghost tours available in New Orleans where you can check out some amazing paranormal hotspots.

Photo By: DMBrooks


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