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Investigation Report: Gettysburg Battlefield

I recently went back to my favorite place to do a paranormal investigation, Gettysburg Battlefield. The battlefield was quite lively this time with ghostly occurrences. More so than I have ever experienced before. As many of you know, the battlefield is one of the most haunted places on earth due to the 3 day battle that occurred here July 1-3rd 1863 during the American Civil War.

We investigated two nights. The first night we almost immediately caught some activity. We were on Cemetery Ridge, the site of the peak of the clash during Pickett's Charge on that 3rd day of battle. The photo below shows an anomaly we caught next to the monument of the Pennsylvania Zouaves.

We then moved onto the Wheatfield, nicknamed the Bloody Wheatfield due to the carnage of battle back on the 2nd day battle all those years ago. To me, this is the most consistent place for ghostly activity on the battlefield. We were there for a few minutes when the sound of cannon fire began. It was muffled at first but progressively became louder. We tried to follow the sound but as soon as we moved, so did the cannon fire. After we went back over the videos and pictures, quite a few things stood out. One being a bright orange orb.

The other was probably the best thing I (as a Civil War nerd) have ever captured. It's what sounds like regimental drums during battle. It was insane to capture, especially because we didn't hear it in person. To hear it for yourself, check out the video, it's a pretty cool clip.

We also picked up some other cool pictures throughout the battlefield and I will post those below. There were various anomalies and even what we think is a full blown apparition of a soldier standing on the edge of the woods. Check them out for yourself and let me know what you think :)

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The full apparition photo is amazing.

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